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November 2023
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Issue 79 Volume 08 March 2004


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Claudio Silvano
Jonathan leads a simple villager's life: he works timber, he eats and sleeps. He pays his taxes. What more could he ask from life? But Jonathan's life is not as simple as he thinks. What lurks beneath the surface of his contentment? Unaided, he would probably lack the imagination to even pose himself such a question; but life has a way of bringing what is hidden into the light, sometimes kicking and screaming all the way. Chances are, there is a crossroad up ahead, and Jonathan is going to have to choose…

The Fair Watchmen
Kathleen Vesi
"May 19, 1872-no audience will read what I am about to write. I know truths that only time should reveal. I have met people that no one in my lifetime should ever meet. And while I have given my word never to tell anyone what I have learned, my thoughts are racing! How else can I clear my mind except to write it all down?"

Strange Deaths to Follow
Part 2 (of 5)

Neil McGill
A strange tale where a fortean detective meets the minority report meets the world of Pratchett meets Tarantino.

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Short Stories

American Lenny
Frank rns
A super-hero defends his community in a time of crisis.

Ballad of the Horny Jay
J. A. Howe
Fox Crampton was delighted to carry The President on his fifty-three foot rocket, but that was before he learned what a difficult passenger she would be.

Faith Lies in the Ways of Sin
Kieran Fox
Technology is the new global religion, but a young boy rediscovers older forms of faith…

Living Men Don't Use Continues
Lee Alon
In a barbaric world, any day when the electricity is on is a good day.

Mary Lou
Robert Starr
Mary Lou was afraid to admit strange men into her home; she knew that death walked in with them.

Opium House
Edward Cox
Opium House was no longer a Royal Library, but Mr. Cobbler, the librarian, knew his day would come.

The Ones that Expire
Monica Y. Russell
When evil comes, you face a stark choice: you can expire, or you can make a deal.

What Goes Up
E. S. Strout
A young, new age woman strives to excel in a male dominated world.

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Poetry and Filk Music

Mortal Nights
Durlabh Singh

The Depth or the Shape
Gary Crawford

The Harrowing of the Shire
Hannah Webb

When Hell Freezes Over
Rev. Theresa Jackson

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Articles and features

Dan Hollifield Reviews A Hat Full Of Sky
the newest Young Adult novel of the Discworld by Terry Pratchett.

Dan Hollifield Reviews The Well Of Lost Plots
the new Thursday Next novel by Jasper Fforde.

Dan Hollifield Reviews Dr. Tim — Book One
the new cartoon collection by Christopher Varian

The Pollwatchers!
Cary Semar
Cary Semar turns his eye towards the political scene…

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