Aphelion Issue 289, Volume 27
November 2023
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Issue 68 Volume 07 March 2003


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The Questors Part 5 (of 6)
Frederick Rustam
Kevin and Marylou learn why information on the Internet wants to be reliable and why it wants to be free.

Madak Part 1 (of 6)
James McCormick
Removed at the request of the Author

Christian R. Bonawandt
Stendhal Macross is a bad-ass mercenary who hasn't let his poor peripheral vision get in the way of his work. However, when he believes he's been betrayed is the moment he fails to see what's right in front of his face.

Tales from a Thousand Lands Part 2 (of 2)
Mark James
"Welcome, Traveller, welcome to Bantule! Where life is cheap and pleasure a religion…"

The Slopes of Shangri-la
Christopher Bradley
"He was twenty-two years old when he went into the mountains with his books. Twenty-two! He moved with the hubris and arrogance of thoughtless youth. He simply did not know. If he had been older, wiser, more experienced he would have never locked himself amongst the snowy peaks, the ancient stands of trees, the vast plateaus of the Shotoragal Mountains with those obscene, alien books…"

Jeff Williams
Kyle Halcyon, only scion of Ulysses and Lydia Halcyon, boarded Starry Night at the Port of Stars, the last place on the continent before land gave way to ocean. What awaited him was beyond even his powers of imagination…

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Short Stories

Ant Hill
Joe Vadalma
Micro robotics opens a new frontier for exploration as well as exploitation.

Balsam Lake
Robert Starr
It was a magical place, but that summer after his mother died, Balsam Lake showed David its magic for the first time.

Dream Weaver
Colin J. Fenwick
In the shadows of our world lies another world that is stranger still. This is the world of the Dream Weaver.

Out of Plato's Cave
J. Alan Erwine
Here is a bleak portrait of a future earth without an ozone layer.

Technology Intelligence Robots
Jack Abbasi
On a large campus in a future civilization, human and robot professors are locked in a 50-year long struggle for academic domination!

The Acheron Inquiry
Robert Moriyama
This is a cross between military SF that combines James Cameron's Aliens with a little ecological cautionary tale.

Triad 2017
Bob Downing
After four years, Bob is back with another tale of death, destruction, and renewal.

Z-shift Days!
Russell Miles
Here is a haunting tale of the last days of the cosmos.

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Poetry and Filk Music

Allfather's Song
Teri Wachowiak

Denethor's Despair
Teri Wachowiak

Hanlon's Ford
Iain Muir

When We Go
Larissa March

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Articles and features

Dan Hollifield reviews:
"The Misspellers"

A novel by Michael J. Martineck
An Aphelion writer's first novel!

Dan Hollifield reviews:
"The Merlin Conspiracy"

The new novel by Diana Wynne Jones
Welcome to the adventures of Roddy, Nick, and Grundo!

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