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November 2022
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Issue 68, Volume 7 -- March 2003

Issue 69, Volume 7 will be online 1st week of April.

"And if you believe that- you'll buy this watch..."
Saint Robere Guilams

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Hello and welcome!

Well, there isn't anything in current events that has set me off on a rant for this month, so maybe its about time for something lighter to grace my editorial again. Quite possibly everyone has seen a short little piece on CNN about the wit desplayed on the signs carried by the current crop of anti-war protestors. Even if you don't agree with the protesters, you'll have to admit that they have some talented minds among them. Luckily for me, the nice people over on the Larry Niven mailing list collected a listing of these slogans. I'd like to quote them for your entertainment. Please join me in thanking the Niven List folks for their work in making this listing. And thank the protesters themselves for being so inventive.

War Is SO 20th Century Don't Mess With Mesopotamia Draft The Bush Twins War Is A Dick Thing, Peace Is A Heart Thing
Bush does for Christianity what Bin Laden does for Islam When Bush Comes To Shove Brains Not Bombs Goddess Bless the Whole Wide World
George Dubya: Weapon Of Mass Distraction Beat The Bushes For Peace Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Look Under The Bushes Drop Bush, Not Bombs
Evolve! Work For A Non-violent Future If War Is The Answer, We're Asking The Wrong Question Killing Innocent People Is The Problem, Not The Solution Save America, Spare Iraq, Make Texas Take Him Back
Real Patriots Drive Hybrids Drop Names, Not Bombs Who Would Jesus Bomb? Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
George Bush Couldn't Run A Laundromat Bush Is A Servant Of Sauron. We Hates Him! There Is No Path To Peace - Peace IS The Path Justice Or Just Us?
Tame The Tyrant In The Mirror, Then The One In Iraq Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld: Axis Of Weasel Go Solar, Not Ballistic Nonviolence, Not Nonexistence
A Village In Texas Has Lost Its Idiot How Many Lives Per Gallon? Make Alternative Energy Not War How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Soil?
Regime Change Begins At Home More MPGs, Less MIAs Rich Man's War Poor Man's Blood Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War
Smart Bombs Don't Justify Dumb Leaders We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men Who's The Unelected Tyrant With The Bomb? Peaceful Solution Not Daddy's Retribution
All Humanity Is Downwind If You Are Not Outraged You Are Not Paying Attention Ariel Sauron - Needs $12 Billion more for the armies of Mordor Let's Try Preemptive Peace

There were many more signs on the list, but these that I quoted are some of the best and most inventive ones. Feelings run high on both sides of the question of war. No matter how you personally feel, please make your feelings known to your governmental representatives. You have a right to express your opinions, but you should express them where it will do the most good. Its a big world out there, but we are all connected in some way. Let's try to think of a way to make it a better world, too.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fiction...

Thanks for your time,


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Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher
Iain Muir
Poetry/Filk Editor
Robert Wynne
Cary Semar
Short Story Editor
McCamy Taylor
Assistant Short Story Editor
Jeffrey Williams
Production Editor/Serials Editor
Ralph Benedetto, Jr.
Assistant Serials Editor
Roger Bennett
Editor Emeritus

Serialized Stories & Novellettes

  • The Questors Part Five
    By Frederick Rustam
    Kevin and Marylou learn why information on the Internet wants to be reliable and why it wants to be free.
  • Madak -- Part One
    By James McCormick
    Jonathon Blake, a divorced ex cop and washed up private eye who hates his job, is shaken from his inertia when his son goes missing in strange circumstances. Having few clues to go on, Blake must first navigates his way through the world of crime and street gangs before he can begin to learn what is going on. With the help of a mysterious Egyptian academic and his strange servant Omar, he pushes forward towards a confrontation for which no one, it turns out, could posssibly be preperared.
  • The Slopes of Shangri-la
    By Christopher Bradley
    "He was twenty-two years old when he went into the mountains with his books. Twenty-two! He moved with the hubris and arrogance of thoughtless youth. He simply did not know. If he had been older, wiser, more experienced he would have never locked himself amongst the snowy peaks, the ancient stands of trees, the vast plateaus of the Shotoragal Mountains with those obscene, alien books..."
  • Blind
    By Christian R. Bonawandt
    Stendhal Macross is a bad-ass mercenary who hasn't let his poor peripheral vision get in the way of his work. However, when he believes he's been betrayed is the moment he fails to see what's right in front of his face.
  • Forlorn
    By Jeff Williams
    Kyle Halcyon, only scion of Ulysses and Lydia Halcyon, boarded Starry Night at the Port of Stars, the last place on the continent before land gave way to ocean. What awaited him was beyond even his powers of imagination...

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Short Stories

  • Dream Weaver
    By Colin J. Fenwick
    In the shadows of our world lies another world that is stranger still. This is the world of the Dream Weaver.
  • Out of Plato's Cave
    By J. Alan Erwine
    Here is a bleak portrait of a future earth without an ozone layer.
  • The Acheron Inquiry
    By Robert Moriyama
    This is a cross between military SF that combines James Camerons Aliens with a little ecological cautionary tale.
  • Balsam Lake
    By Robert Starr
    It was a magical place, but that summer after his mother died, Balsam Lake showed David its magic for the first time.
  • Z-shift Days!
    By Russell Miles
    Here is a haunting tale of the last days of the cosmos.
  • Technology Intelligence Robots
    By Jack Abbasi
    On a large campus in a future civilization, human and robot professors are locked in a 50-year long struggle for academic domination!
  • Triad 2017
    By Bob Downing
    After four years, Bob is back with another tale of death, destruction, and renewal.

  • Ant Hill
    By Joe Vadalma
    Micro robotics opens a new frontier for exploration as well as exploitation.

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  • Thank You, Grandfather
    by Heather Munn
    Heather Munn reflects on the spirit which brought us here today, and which will take us to new horizons tomorrow.

  • The Listening Room
    by Rob Wynne
    Rob Wynne bangs his head against Phoenix's "Into the Fire"

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