Aphelion Issue 289, Volume 27
November 2023
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Issue 59 Volume 06 May 2002


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual ravings about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Death's Secrets
Simon Owens
Hamlet had the luxury of being able to choose if he should live or die; to be or not to be. This man didn't have a choice.

Recruit 2284
Kathleen Vesi
Dee Ronne is a survivor of an alien invasion which left more than three quarters of the Earth's population unaccounted for. She is haunted the changes the invasion brought and clings to memories of a world that once was. She believes she will live the rest of her life this way, but an alien from a resistance force has other ideas…

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Short Stories

Fool Circle
Swanand Arole
Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

Raver's Delight
Lior Alon
Darien was a repressed individual, trudging hopelessly through life along the path of least resistance, but the night the police raided the warehouse party, he really let himself go.

Greg Guerin
The experiment had to be finished before the universe came to an end.

Rescue Mission
Peter Bergman Jr.
Grant was a starfighter pilot in the Mantis War. Kevin was a small boy trapped in the rubble of a ruined city. They were destined to meet.

Subway Jack
Cameron Neilson
Karl had terrible headaches and he was haunted demons. The worst of these demons was Subway Jack.

J. L. Navarro
Along our southern border there is danger in the night, for some of the coyotes are human, and some of the humans are not.

Turning Circle
Ian Banks
One morning Fergal set out to find a lost sheep. He was gone a very long time.

McCamy Taylor
In a long poem William Blake, Urizen was a cruel god who sought to restrict human knowledge imprisoning us in the world of the senses. Blake is said to have believed the worlds and people he wrote about were real. Was Blake mad or just more insightful?

Baby Baby
Mizu Ash
When it comes to interspecies romance, its those little skeletons in the family closet that really make life complicated.

Sam Spade Ain't Nearly Dead Enough
Bill Wolfe
"My secretary, Page, calls these bread and butter cases. Me, I call 'em boring. But don't take that the wrong way. I like boring. I've had enough excitement to last me couple'a lifetimes. All I'm doing is tailing some rich guy's wife to see what she's up to. Any Private Dick anywhere in the Stream would recognize the drill in a heartbeat…"

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Poetry and Filk Music

Michael Redmond

Hate Continues
Jeanne G'Fellers-Walker

Still Captain After All These Years
Rob Wynne & Jeff Williams

Simon Owens

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Articles and features

Dan Hollifield reviews:
"Accidental Encounter"

A novel by Noel Carroll
Unwilling participants in a double-edged nightmare.

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