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September 2023
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Issue 58 Volume 06 April 2002


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual ravings about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Exiled From Illusion:
A Modern Tale of Gwydion

A. F. Spackman
What happens when an American girl follows a pair of bikers to the Celtic Otherworld?

Hey God,Got A Minute?
Noel Carroll
Harold is a simple man long troubled doubts about what he should or should not believe. One night, alone and distraught, he falls asleep to the most realistic dream he has ever had, a dream in which he is approached the "big guy" come in person to address his pain. Not one to waste an opportunity, Harold hails him down and then begins a nightly grilling.

The Cold War
Joel Lee
Criminal Psychologist, Dr. Ted Welch has found himself assigned to a murder case, his first assignment since losing his wife and son a tragic automobile accident. A prominent research scientist has been murdered and the suspect is in custody. Ted's superiors have stressed the importance of finding the accused competent to stand trial. Dr. Welch, however, is finding himself drawn to the accused in ways he can scarcely contemplate…

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Short Stories

Cry of the Phoenix
Wanda Ernstberger
When Father Time learns of the attempt to unbalance Aurea, he doesn't want to believe it. Can his daughter, Infinity Blue, convince him to help her before their world is destroyed?

Grave Matters
Robert Moriyama
Al Majius was happy when he raised one dead man. The other 49 didn't exactly thrill him …

Little Ed
Robert Starr
It might be true that Desira Cathorn was insane, but it seems more likely that she just knew too much. You be the judge.

J. Alan Erwine
Gerard Anderson was determined not to be stopped the people from the hospital. He had somewhere to go.

Shadow in the Sky
Joe Vadalma
Desiree was being stalked a dragon; a real fire breathing dragon as big as a house.

Spring Girl
Paul Strain
Who was the spring girl, and why did she return each year to the little gas station in Bloomingdale?

The Dragon's Kiss
Colin J. Fenwick
A warrior maiden rides out to meet her destiny and learn the secret of her heritage.

The Key to Immortality
Stenger White
The world presses in on our consciousness through sight, sound, smell, and touch. Take these away and long suppressed memories might be regained, perhaps even memories of past lives.

Sheffield's Eleventh
Jeff Williams
"Mr. Grym… gives you this challenge. Virtually all of City of Lights is…'open'…shall we say. To the enterprising entrepreneur, there is an entree into virtually every business, every bank, every shop, if the cards are played right and if the man or woman is quick, smart, and intelligent. Every building is transparent to your skills and talents under the right circumstances. Every building, that is, except one… The Tower, my friends—The one building that has never been burglarized beyond petty drunks stealing petty bags of petty peanuts. Nothing more than the occasional ashtray or shot glass. Nothing of any consequence besides bathroom towels. No one in this room, indeed, no one in the history of Bethdish has ever broken into the Mare Inebrium Tower and stolen anything of value."

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Poetry and Filk Music

Aphelion's Best — Editor's Choice

The Unicorn Reborn
David Blalock

The Traveler
Joseph St. John

Touching Loreley
Sven Klopping

One World—One People
Dan L. Hollifield

Here Comes The Yellow King
Terence Chua

Michael Fantina

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Articles and features

There were no new Articles or Features in this issue.

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