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November 2022
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Issue 53, Volume 5 -- November 2001

Issue 54, Volume 5 will be online 1st week of December.

"And if you believe that- you'll buy this watch..."
Saint Robere Guilams

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The Senior Editor's usual drivel about whatever...

Hello and welcome!

Interesting times we're living in, aren't they? The war on terrorism is already a month old, so the price of gasoline has started to inch back up. Is it just me, or is anyone else outraged by the fact that it took a mass murder to drop the price of gas fifty cents? Suddenly I've got a little bit more cash in my pocket, but the newspeople tell me that the economy is in trouble... Airlines lose customers because people are afraid, and the telephone company starts laying off workers. The police are furiously searching for the anthrax mail-poisoners, and my mailbox is stuffed with mail-order catalogs. These are the Crazy Years, folks.

Doomsday cultists are ecstatic, conspiracy theorists are in nervana, and people are buying gas masks they don't know how to use. The hate groups are simmering, but too aware of hightened security nationwide to do more than that at the moment. Grocery stores are selling lots of canned goods. Charities are collecting record donations, and con-artists are bilking more victims than ever. But also, the police are catching more of them than ever. Airlines are installing the greatest leaps in onboard security since D.B. Cooper invented air-piracy. And every level of US law enforcement agencies are co-operating like never before. I'd really hate to be a crook right now! {8^)

So what am I trying to say? "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." pretty much sums it up. Life is tougher, so we adapt. People can adapt to almost anything. But remember, there is a difference in being alert and in being paranoid. Don't give the craziness a chance... Think it through. There are sensible precautions that anyone can take to lessen any reasonable risk. Take those which seem right for you. You cannot live in fear, or the terrorists have an edge. Be careful, but don't be afraid.

I do have to say that I'm proud to see we've pulled together so much. Americans have divided themselves in the past, but our greatest strength is in standing together.

As for the future? Spies and saboteurs is an old game- one that Governments have been playing for centuries. So this is not a new thing. We will prevail even though it'll cost us a bit more personal freedom. Security will become even tighter, more clues to the anthrax poisoner/s will be found, air travel will become safer than ever, and the war will go on. Everyone will become acustomed to the hightened security and soon learn to cope. Just as everyone has done in the past when similar things have happened. History really does seem to repeat itself sometimes. This war isn't going to last forever, but it may last a long time. The scars will last far longer, as will the lessons we learn.

The real test is not to go too far.

Thanks for your time.


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Serialized Stories & Novellettes

  • Mystery of GranLab Station
    By Greg Guerin
    The spores of virus CD-100 released when the virology lab of GranLab station was sabotaged killed Renna's lab assistant Natalie in minutes. Now vials containing a strain of the virus and a trial antidote are missing and Renna is locked in with the unidentified killer...

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    By E.K. Reid
    Yves had bought the set of bongo drums at a congested marketplace in Columbia six years before.
  • Dreamers: The Calling
    By Christian R. Bonawandt
    Officer Delgado is forced to confront an incredible reality.

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    By Liam Wilson
    In this tale, rival high school gangs use "magi-punk" against one another.

  • Racial Memory
    By Hailey Gold
    Trais Four was a jungle planet. It was not all jungle; it had plains and mountains with snow. Nevertheless, Trais Four was a jungle planet.

  • The Song of Birdie McBride
    By Norman A. Rubin
    Come join the bearded balladeer, by the tavern's warming fire, somewhere along a Scottish road...

  • Stairway Through Agony
    By Noel Carroll
    I am the only one who can see the eighth floor of our condo building...

  • The Exile
    By Vandana Singh
    Below her lay the burning valley. Above her was the massive, dying sun and the alien ships. Min had once been of the People, but now she was alone...

  • With These Hands
    By Robert Moriyama
    He said, "Who am I?" They said, "John Doe Number Five."

  • A Fish for Orion
    By Lee Foster
    “I hunt everything.  Hunt dangerous things, no one else will hunt.”  He touched the butt of a bone-handled weapon on his belt.  “I hunt great cat-creatures.  I hunt giant white, crushing creature.  Use skeleton for trophy room.  I hunt mutated giant killer quadruped.”  He fingered his white furred GEEB polar bear cloak.  He leaned close to me and said in a conspiratorial tone, “But I run out of things to hunt.  No more great killer beasts.  I become building-stick.”  Then he smiled his toothsome smile and looked up towards Kazsh-ak Tier... A Mare Inebrium Story.

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    Poetry and Filk Music

  • Consumed By Wonder
    By Rob Wynne

  • Here Comes the Yellow King
    By Terence Chua

  • The Hunt Rides Out
    By Iain Muir

  • The Mage
    By Michael Fantina

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  • Double Wide
    by Jim Parnell
    Say Good Night Gracie
    WARNING: Contains Language.
    Aphelion reluctantly presents the last regular installment of Double Wide. Jim informs us that he's begun work on a novel and wants to give it his full attention, and he's the kind of guy that can't stand to do less than his best. Please join myself and the Editorial Mafia in suporting his decision to take that next big step as a writer.
  • Dan Hollifield reviews:

    The new novel by Ruth McIntyre-Williams
    A Celtic Medieval Fantasy Novel
  • The Listening Room
    by Rob Wynne
    Rob Wynne bangs his head against Phoenix's "Into the Fire"

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