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November 2022
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Issue 29, Volume 3 -- October 1999

Issue 30 will be online 1st week of November.

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The Senior Editor's usual drivel about whatever...

Sometimes, you get so busy with all the stuff that needs doing that you have to forego the things that you really want to do. These dreams and aspirations slide further and further into the background while you whittle away at the endless "must do- NOW" inbox on the desktop of your life. You wind up feeling harried and a bit depressed, dissatisfied and put-upon, and finally you just about reach the point to where you're ready to tell the whole world what to kiss - and when. (This is why humans invented the "vacation", by the way.)

Which feels really good to say- but it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to the whole, irritating, "need you to do this - yesterday" world.

What usually happens is that one day you look back at the life that you've led and discover that you never did manage to make the time to follow your dreams. This stage is usually followed by what is called a "mid-life crisis" wherein you do something really stupid in the vain hope of recapturing your lost youth. The most common stupid thing that men do is buy some sort of expensive red sports car. I don't know what the most common stupid thing is that women do - and I'm personally too chicken to ask - but whatever it is, they're just as entitled to do it as men are.

I can't help feeling that it’s probably better just to go ahead and make the time to chase your dreams in the first place. All I know is that that's what I've done- although I did waste more than half my lifetime so far before I began the pursuit -and I feel really good about myself. (Trust me, now is NOT a good time to point out to me that my red motorcycle could be construed to be the ultimate sports car. I've been addicted to motorcycles since my childhood and have owned at least five of them over the years. That's not a crisis, that's a habit.) My dream has been to write stories, to entertain people. I'd like to think that I've some small measure of success with that dream. (Even though I still haven't sold anything. LOL)

So hold on to your dreams. Don't let them slip away. And remember, no car ever built can drive fast enough to make you young again.

Thanks for your time.


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I'd like to thank those of you who have sent e-mails or signed into the Lettercol for your feedback. Keep those messages coming, folks! Without those messages we will never know what we need to improve upon. Hope you like the improvements so far!

Aphelion Staff:

Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher
Roger Bennett
Editor Emeritus
Robert Wynne
Cary Semar
Short Story Editor
Kim Holec
Poetry Editor
Jeffrey Williams
Production Editor/Serials Editor

Serialized Stories

  • Superhero Nation -Part 5 of 5-
    By Mike Tanier
    It's 2049, and any kid can call himself a superhero if he's willing to spend a little money and break a few laws.
  • The Journeyman -Part 5 of 5-
    By Allen Woods
    Nothing in their lives could ever have prepared the citizens of Ithica, GA for the Journeyman.
  • Analore -Part 1 of 2-
    By Joseph B. St. John
    "Jonah was as good as dead. He lived, he worked, and he camped, but no one could really call him alive until he found the way to Analore..."
  • Dreamer -Part 3 of 3-
    By Dan L. Hollifield
    A rare foray into pure fantasy, just to prove that I can do it. This story ran in 5 parts in the second incarnation of Dragon's Lair webzine in 1997 and has never been presented in Aphelion before.

  • Novellas and Novelettes

  • Boil a Manchild for Odin
    By Ulf Ronnquist
    "I am young at seven hundred seasons. I am not yet wed, I have caught no manchilds and they think me odd."

  • Read more great stories from the Aphelion Archives

    Short Stories

  • Blackguard's Finest
    By Erik M. Roth
    Trilcek, Law Inquisitor, would follow any trail no matter where it led in order to find his lost Karen and bring her home.
  • Drinking Problem
    By Jim Parnell
    Never trust an alien who doesn't drink, particularly at the Mare Inebrium!
  • Between the Rows
    By Abbie Klawitter
    In honour of Halloween, here is a tale of what can happen to bad boys and girls, if they don't watch out.
  • Dark Angels
    By Joseph B. St. John
    Raul was smart, but he did a stupid thing. The girl from New York city thought she was a lot smarter than Raul.
  • The Challenge
    By Dennis Talent
    There were two ways for a paramedic to join the elite 911 Group... The easy way was with 15 years seniority, but Rookie Stephen Haddad was at the Mare Inebrium to do it the hard way!
  • Deep Blue
    By Tom Oliver
    This tale of about averting nuclear disaster comes complete with the author's own analysis. Read the story, then read the author's commentary.
  • Hostage
    By Robert Jarero
    An unforeseen circumstance concerning a very 'different' kind of man…
  • The Lotus on the Other Side
    By McCamy Taylor
    A follow up to the short story "Sister Death" which recently appeared in Aphelion. Rusty begins his training as a Knight of Death.
  • The Major
    By Norman Hess
    "So as through a glass, and darkly
    The age long strife I see
    Where I fought in many guises,
    Many names, but always me."... George S. Patton
  • You Never Said Goodbye
    By Myke Anthony
    Graduating from High School is a hard time in everyone's life. Several decisions have to be made that will affect your entire life. Having an alien living next door doesn't necessarily help making those decisions any easier.
  • The Summer is Past
    By Iain Muir
    You can meet the strangest people in pubs. And what are those blasted owls doing outside?
  • No Panthers Live in Dublin Marsh
    By Logan Johnson
    Fitz was in no mood for nonsense, with the job interview in a couple of hours, when Charlie showed up with another one of his wild stories…
  • World of Two Fallacies
    By Frederick Rustam
    Eugene was of the lost generations. He was too young to remember HomeWorld, and born too soon to see GoalStar. When he was 17, these facts did not trouble him, for he had Juanita and The Triv.
  • Canned
    By Dan L. Hollifield
    "A thief is shot in the night -- Whose hand is on the bow?" --Old Shoshone Proverb.

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    Poetry and Filk Music

  • How to Talk to an Extra-terrestrial
    By Richard Stevenson
  • The Homecoming
    By Iain Muir
  • Return of the Avatar
    By Michael Carl Musser
  • The Unicorn Reborn
    By David Blalock

  • Features

    The Mare Inebrium shared universe project
    I open up my own Spaceport Bar to other writers!
    The Mare Inebrium Shared Universe Project
  • Aphelion's Daily Comics
    By Mark Stanley, and Steve Troop
    Did he say daily? Yep, Aphelion is proud to feature two of the funniest comic strips on the Internet, Mark Stanley's "Freefall" and Steve Troop's "The Melonpool Chronicles". Bookmark this page, you don't want to miss a single instalment!
  • The Aphelion Interview: Atk. Butterfly
    by Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams sits down with another of Aphelion's most popular writers, to discuss their life and work. This is the fourth in a series of Interviews we will be bringing you over the next few months.
  • Wayward Musings
    by Kim Holec
    Kim shares her thoughts about seeing the musical Chess at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.
  • Double Wide
    by Jim Parnell
    The Torture Never Stops -- What's a poor boy to do? WARNING: Contains language.
  • Conventional Wisdom:
    The 1999 World Science Fiction Convention

    by Liz Martin
    Liz Martin reports on the sights and sounds at Aussiecon 3, the 57th World Science Fiction Convention, held in September in Sydney, Australia.
  • The Reading Room
    by Rob Wynne
    Rob Wynne takes a look at books of note in this semi-regular column. In this issue: The Ultimate Melonpool by Steve Troop (an Aphelion author!)
  • Excentrivial Musings
    The Aphelion Cartoon Page.
  • Dan Hollifield reviews:
    Coming soon- a new review. I promise.
  • The Awards Page
    All of the Awards that Aphelion has won.
  • P.S.

    In case anyone is curious as to exactly what's been keeping me so busy, I've planned a few webpages that show the progress of my landscaping, interior decoration, and housework. Look for it in my personal pages at Casa Vila. Its the beginning of a sort of photographic timeline of my yard work and such. I don't know why anyone would want to see it, but Rob thought that someone might, so I worked it up. Expect it to be updated as I get new film developed and scanned.


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