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November 2022
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Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Issue 18, Volume 2 -- November '98

Issue 18 will be online 1st week of November. ([|8^)

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Bruno the Bandit!

The Aphelion Daily Comics Page

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Gotta get out of bed, get a hammer and nail
Learn how to use my hands, not just my head
I think myself in a jail, Now I know a refuge never grows
From a chin in a hand and a thoughtful pose
Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose
--Indigo Girls "Hammer and a Nail"

Welcome everyone to the 18th issue of Aphelion Webzine. I am your celebrity guest editor Rob Wynne, stepping in for the inestimable Dan Hollifield [What did you call me? --ed.]. Dan sends his apologies for the lateness of this issue, but he has been up to his elbows in getting his new house fixed up and ready to be moved into, landscaping, and so forth. So Dan is turning the reins over to me for this issue, and possibly next, which by hook or crook WILL be published in the first week of December.

As we have grown, and our readership has grown with us, we have seen the pressing need to improve our processes. In order to faciliate that, we've added yet another member to our staff. Jeffrey "The English Teacher" Williams has joined our board as our new Production Editor. Many of you are asking "What the heck is a Production Editor?" That's ok, so did Jeff. Jeffrey will be overseeing our production schedule, making sure that submissions are flowing in a timely fashion from editorial to publication, and working on ways to improve our procedures to make getting the webzine out on time every month easier and quicker, so that you can enjoy the quality fiction that Aphelion has come to represent in the online publishing world.

Please remember that you can subscribe to our mailing list and get notifications when the new issue goes on line. Due to the varagries of amatuer publishing, we have been known to slip a deadline from time to time, but we never announce an issue until we actually get it online. You can subscribe by sending an email to majordomo@america.net with the body "subscribe aphelion"

Speaking of that, I wrote in the lettercol a couple of weeks ago that Aphelion is now listed in the eZines Database webpage. This webpage, which you will find linked above, lists hundreds of zines in all areas of interest. Well, we got a note from them a few days ago that we had been picked by their editors as one of the top five webzines submitted to them in the month of October in ANY genre! We're quite proud of this, but of course, the real credit goes to all the authors and artists who make Aphelion what it is each and every month.

Since we added Kim Holec to our staff as poetry editor, many of you have asked when we were going to start publising some. Well, the time is now! Peotry begins in this issue, and we'll have all the submission guidelines for poetry updated by this weekend.

Those of you who quietly read our stories each month, thanks you! But if something strikes you as particularly good, why not drop a note to the author or post to the lettercolumn? And if something strikes you as needing work to get it "just right", then we, as authors, especially want your comments. Aphelion exists to give authors a forum to place the work in front of a critical audience and improve their craft, so telling us what you did and didn't like helps us all grow as writers.

Finally, my personal apologies for those of you checking back daily for the new issue. I know how frustrating it is to be waiting for those new stories, because I used to haunt newsstands waiting for the monthlies myself. But, don't forget that we have, in our infinate love for you, our reader, given you a reason to come every day, namely, our comics page! Freefall and Burno the Bandit are both well worth the time to stop in for, and are now together on a single page for easier reading!

So enough of my prattle! Let's get to reading!

--Rob Wynne
Aphelion Webzinei

Tell us what you think in Aphelion's Lettercol!

I'd like to thank those of you who have sent e-mails or signed the Guestbook for your feedback. Keep those messages coming, folks! Without those messages we will never know what we need to improve upon. Hope you like the improvements so far!

Aphelion Staff:

Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher
Roger Bennett
Editor Emeritus
Robert Wynne
Cary Semar
Short Story Editor
Lee Whiteside
SFTV Schedule Reporter
Martin Delgado-Scott
Serials Editor
Kim Holec
Poetry Editor
Jeffrey Williams
Production Editor

Serialized Stories

  • The Threat of Valleor -Part 6-
    By Dan L. Hollifield
    An ancient evil vies with an Immortal hero - while innocent lives hang in the balance.

  • Time and Time Again -Conclusion! -
    By Cris Lawrence
    Danger leads to strange meetings.
    (This story finished 7th in the '97 Preditors & Editors "Top 10 on the Internet")

  • Trigeminus -Conclusion!-
    By Dennis Talent
    Aliens among us, what are they really like?

  • Witness of the World -Part 11-
    By Chad Cottle
    Memories of a telepathic child.

  • Though the Dark Veil -Conclusion! -
    By Allen Woods
    High Fantasy as an adventure begins.
    (Allen was the winner of the '97 Preditors & Editors contest)

  • Zod -Part 6-
    By Neil McGill
    A side-splitting sci-fi romp through the cosmos. Look out Douglas Adams! McGill may just steal your thunder!

  • Pop's Cabin -Part 4-
    By D. A. Krikorian
    Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing- but something always seems to crop up...

  • Life at the Top -Conclusion!-
    By Stephen Lipscomb
    Everyone has wanted to be a rock star at one time or another. How would you react if you woke up one day to find out that you were suddenly someone else?

  • On the Corner of Galaxy and Fifth -Part 3-
    By Robert Wynne & Jeff Williams
    Trauma and company desperately search for the identity of a dead man...

  • Read more great stories from the Aphelion Archives

    Short Stories

  • You Don't Mess Around With Grym
    By Jeff Williams
    Sometimes, the price is more than simply counting the cost... A story of the Mare Inebrium!

  • The Light Inside the Dark
    By Dennis Tallent
    "I was an archeologist on a dig in Brazil when it happened. All I know is that when I came out of the jungle the war was over."

  • Algorithm D
    By McCamy Taylor
    Beware of fuzzy logic...

  • Mithril Oath
    By Michael Jessen

  • Platform Man
    By D.A. Krikorian
    Flying around in spaceships and blowing things up...

  • Countryside Walks for Those about to Die
    By Andrew Souter
    When touring the countryside out of season, check to be sure the place you plan to visit is open...

  • Andalam
    By David Blalock
    There is something evil beneath D'Jemo's Tower, and there a young wizard must face his ultimate test.

  • The Escape
    By Walter Mallon
    When all the world is a prison, there is only one way out.

  • The Doppelganger
    By Chris Mansour
    The assassin sensed something odd about his partner.

  • Winter Memories
    By Shalane L. Weidow

  • The Harbinger
    By Rene Steen
    Sometimes the smallest, most insignificant event can change the course of history

  • The Justification
    By Duane Wheatcroft
    We should all be obliged to appear before a board every five years and justify our existence....

  • Barfly
    By Dennis Tallent
    Always do your homework...

  • Poetry and Music

  • How Can You Help A Little Blue Man
    By Dan Hollifield

  • Locrine
    By Cary Semar

  • I Don't Like the Sunshine
    By Robert Wynne & Jeff Williams

  • What is the Sound of One Heart Breaking
    By Ian Muir

  • Features

    The Mare Inebrium shared universe project
    I open up my own Spaceport Bar to other writers!

    The Mare Inebrium Shared Universe Project
  • Aphelion's Daily Comics
    By Ian McDonald and Mark Stanley
    Did he say daily? Yep, Aphelion is proud to feature two of the funniest comic strips on the Internet, Ian McDonald's "Bruno the Bandit", and Mark Stanley's "Freefall". Bookmark this page, you don't want to miss a single installment!

  • A Word in Your Ear
    By Robert Wynne
    Censorship, and whatever to do about it...

  • Starbase Update SFTV Schedules and News
    Compiled by Lee Whiteside.

  • Dan Hollifield reviews:
    This month- Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny

  • Excentrivial Musings
    The Aphelion Cartoon Page.

  • Mare Inebrium Wallpaper Page
    51 JPGs you can download and convert to Bitmaps for wallpaper. This is a slow-loading page, but well worth it.

  • The Awards Page
    All of the Awards that Aphelion has won.

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    As always, this mailing list will only be used to notify you of new issues and will never be given out to anyone else... 'cause I hate spam as much as you do!

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