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November 2022
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Issue #15!

Issue 15, Volume 2 -- June/July '98

Issue 16 will be online August 1st. ([|8^)

You are vistor number

Since January 27th 1997

This issue is respectfully dedicated to the memory of my friend
Allan Horne
May 12th
1968 - 1998

Allan was tragically killed in an automobile accident on his 30th birthday. His friendship and support had helped me make it through many a tough time over the last fifteen years. Allan was one of the few people who have become as close to me as my blood kin. Mere words cannot express the loss that I feel, for one of the brothers of my soul is gone.

He was a blinding flash and a deafening report... My eyes are still dazzled- and I pray that the echoes never cease.

More bad news:
Our Technical Specialist and Guru, Robert Wynne, was caught in an appartment fire in mid May. He is suffering from 2nd degree burns on his back, and he and his fiance' lost almost everything that they owned- they escaped with the clothes they were wearing, their pet cats, and not much else at all. Please join me in wishing Rob a speedy recovery... and thanking whatever version of the Creator that you, personally, hold dear- that Kim and Rob's lives were spared.

I've had ample cause to reflect upon how precious a thing life is, over the past few weeks- and how quickly it can dissappear. Let each day become a celebration and each hour remind you that you're lucky to be on this earth. No matter what your personal situation- remember, our time together here is fleeting. Wring every last drop of living from each and every moment, revel in your existance with every breath you draw. Truly, we are only immortal for such a short while.

Make your life count!

Cole And Cash's
Fiendish Best On
The Web Award

The banner above provides a link to Allan Cole's website where you may find out more about his work. You can also find links to the other recipients of this award.

Welcome back for our 15th issue!

NEWS FLASH: Aphelion has gotten it's own domain! (as if you haddn't noticed!) Look for us to be making some changes in the near future as Rob and I get things de-bugged and shifted around.

Robert Wynne and I have re-worked the Mailing list and now have one to which you can automatically subscribe (or Unsubscribe if that be your wish). Please thank Rob for all of his work on this list, for it took no small effort to iron out the bugs. Also, I'd like to thank all of Aphelion's readers for being patient while the mailing list was being revamped.

Because we were working from an old copy of the list, there may be some people who have sent me "Remove" notices that were not updated to that particular copy of the list. Please re-send me your "remove" request and I'll get right on it. Also, some of Aphelion's writers have yet to be included to the list. If you've writen a story that appeared in Aphelion and you have yet to receive an Update/New Issue message then please take the time to add yourself to the mailing list. Thank you in advance for your time and trouble.

If you would like to receive notices from Aphelion when this page is updated, please join our new, revised, automatic mailing list. To subscribe:
Send a message to majordomo@america.net with the following in the body of the message:

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To Unsubscribe:
Send a message to majordomo@america.net with the following in the body of the message:

unsubscribe aphelion <email address>

There! Simple, wasn't it?

As always, this mailing list will only be used to notify you of new issues and will never be given out to anyone else... 'cause I hate spam as much as you do!

The Lettercol is back!

I'd like to thank those of you who have sent e-mails or signed the Guestbook for your feedback. Keep those messages coming, folks! Without those messages we will never know what we need to improve upon. Hope you like the improvements so far!

We had 1252 Readers visit Aphelion in April and 1049 in May for a total of 2301 readers for issue #14!
WOW! We must be doing something right!
Thank you! Please keep coming back for each new issue as it goes online.

I have an e-mail address for submissions, click here to submit a story or just read the submission guidlines. Thank you all, for you make everything that happens at Aphelion worthwhile.

If you miss the wavefile that played automatically at the start of our first two issues click here to hear it now.

And now, I'll shut up and let you get to reading. Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy yourselves!

Aphelion Staff:

Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher
Roger Bennett
Editor Emeritus
Robert Wynne
Technical Specialist
Cary Semar
Assistant Editor
Lee Whiteside
SFTV Schedule Reporter

Serialized Stories

  • Zod Part 4
    By Neil McGill
    A side-splitting sci-fi romp through the cosmos. Look out Douglas Adams! McGill may just steal your thunder!

  • Dry Run Part 4
    By Mark E. Cotterill
    Two youngsters on an epic adventure in space.

  • Pop's Cabin Part 2
    By D. A. Krikorian
    Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing- but something alwys seems to crop up...

  • Life at the Top Part 2
    By Stephen Lipscomb
    Everyone has wanted to be a rock star at one time or another. How would you react if you woke up one day to find out that you were suddenly someone else?

  • Poison Part 2
    By "Krazy Kat"
    Adventures of a rebellious mercenary - and her troop of space-marines.

  • The Journey Part 1
    By Russell Moore
    What do the monsters want?

  • Hartshorn Part 1
    By W. Fraser Sandercombe
    Out of the past came a hero- traveling time through the magic of the hart's horn.

  • Stories

    • Unbridled Fires
      By Michael Jessen
      Some battles cannot be won with mere weaponry.

    • The Price of Honor
      By Dustin Appel
      Was it a quest for justice- or vengance? Honor demands much of a knight.

    • On US 1
      By Cary Semar
      Don't put off admitting your mistakes- until its too late!

    • Inter-Galactia
      By Alex Lanoszka
      If you're searching for hope, you better have a good starship.

    • What color is a crystal ball?
      By Jason Rogers
      Creation- and second thoughts.

    • Mare Tranquillitatis
      By Mark E. Cotterill
      Some minds shouldn't meet... A new Mare Inebrium story!

    • Yesterday's Glory
      By Robert Wynne
      Was she the girl of his dreams, or something else again? Another new Mare Inebrium story!

    • D User
      By Richard Dyderski
      Fools rush in...

    • Gods and Men
      By Chris Villars
      Pride goeth before a reduction to humility.

    • Blowing Kisses in the Wind
      By Jack Fisher
      What would you do if... Imagination can be a powerful thing.
  • Wampir
    By P.M. Riordan
    Where have all the vampires gone?

  • The Lost Kingdom
    By Lynda Lampert
    To fulfill a prophesy, a young girl must battle a sorceress.

  • Out There In The Darkness
    By Dennis O'Brien
    Questions and fears in the dark.

  • The Leaving
    By Andrew Massy
    Which is harder; going, or staying behind?

  • Reunion
    By Lida Broadhurst
    What price love - and dragons?

  • The Waltz
    By David A. Burns
    You've got to be mentally fit to lead troops into a battle.

  • Over the Hill
    By Jim Parnell
    "An art-deco virtual reality detective yarn, chock full of lead-squirting dames, excruciating torture and gratuitous cleavage..."

  • Becoming Estevan
    By McCamy Taylor
    Memory is a fragile thing...

  • Anarchus
    By Tom Oliver
    Terrorists revive an ancient enemy of mankind.

  • The Captain's Log
    By Kate Thornton
    When it comes to log entries... the truth isn't always what it seems.
  • Second Coming of the Sirens
  • By Noel Leboeuf
    Goddesses only visit when they want, not when WE want...


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