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September 2023
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Issue 127 Volume 12 November 2008


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Robert Moriyama

We interrupt the Senior Editor's usual rants for Bob's…

Serials and Novellas

Running Time
Kim Rush
When Jack sets out to see how far a can of gas and a motorcycle can take him, he gets a lot farther than he expected. A modern day fantasy.

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Short Stories

T. Richard Williams
Brother Michael knows the truth about a vital piece of the Sedna colony's history, a history he helped to shape. But that truth could be dangerous — so he must decide what to do with that knowledge.

Layover in an Oak Grove
Mary Brunini McArdle
The old plane had crashed into Mary Jean Parker's favorite tree, and more — it had crashed through Time.

Mistress of the Labyrinth
Ash Hibbert
Climbing the cliffs overlooking the maze-like city and leaping off, she glides, and lets memories and dreams rush through her mind.

Private Eye
E. S. Strout
NASA decided that it was time to look at Mars through human eyes — or rather one human eye.

The Assassination
Casey Callaghan
Johan Schoeman is brilliant (he'd be the first — but not the only one — to say so). Now his brother has asked him to apply that brilliance to the mystery of how a man can be murdered by proxy with no weapons except fast food and a food court full of women.

The Changeling
K. A. Masters
The merman offered Alec the chance to join his people under the sea. But Alec's Fey nature was a little more complicated than Cazort knew.

The Keeper
Joshua L. Hamilton
The Keeper had waited patiently for eons while the world Above evolved and changed. But the time for him to fulfill his purpose was fast approaching as another Cycle neared its end.

The Last Warrior
Joel Doonan
He was the last man, and there at the end of Everything, he was more important than he could have imagined.

The Sough Witch
Scott T. Barnes
King Gunther was dying. His son mocked him for spending his last days seeking out the woman he claimed to have loved long ago, the legendary Sough Witch…

Under the House
Jeani Rector
The crawlspace under Kayla's house should have been scary — it was dark and damp and full of spiderwebs and bugs. But it was also safer than the house above it.

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for October 2008

Congratulations to J. Davidson Hero and Kerry Callaghan co-winners of the October 2008 Forum Flash Challenge.
Shudder at the dark doings of The Uncommon Bodgewick and peer stealthily through two other windows into the souls of Evil Henchmen. And visit the Forum Fun and Games area around November 10th for the NEXT challenge to your imagination and writing skills.

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Poetry and Filk Music

They've Come For Me Again
Richard H. Fay

Holly Day

The Poltergeist's Recital
James Matthew Byers

Untamed Waters
Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Where Do Dark Times Come From?
Mark Edgemon

Your Degree
Richard Tornello

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Articles and features

Thoughts on Writing #4: People Are Going To Be Mean To You
Seanan McGuire
Seanan McGuire takes apart the engine of writing to find out how it works, and offers her insights into how to put it back together again.

Off the Shelf
Larissa March
Larissa March shares her thoughts on what she's been reading lately, with book reviews this month featuring John Scalzi and a collaboration between Spider Robinson and the late Robert Heinlein.

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