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November 2023
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Issue 117 Volume 11 December 2007


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serials and Novellas

Alter Id
McCamy Taylor
When the robotically enhanced assassin that Doctor O'Leary buys for salvage turns out to be not quite so dead as advertised, it sets off a chain of events that involves organized crime, corporate intrigue, lunar mining and multiple personalities.

Choice Cuts
Wayne Summers
Some people have a taste for meat. Some things have a taste for homicide. Butcher Stan Parker knows how to cater to all these tastes. A horror tale that proves a new maxim: we are what they eat.

Fear Stomping
Jesse Gordon
For as long as he can remember, Kenneth has been afraid. One day, he meets a boy, Vincent, who shows him how to conquer his fears, by finding the special places where fear is not real. A story about friendship and alternate realities.

Mind Power
Mary Brunini McArdle
A handful of people wake up one morning under an unfamiliar sky. The world seems the same…but different. Find out why and how the difference changes their lives.

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Short Stories

A TRUE Ghost Story
Chris Sharp
Billy's mom treated him like a kid, mostly because he deserved it. But Chris knew that Billy had problems other than immaturity.

Black Box Betty
Frederick Rustam
The 'betty' was one of a kind — a hardware/software/firmware intelligent search interface with the emphasis on 'intelligent'.

Inside Out
E. S. Strout
The first mission to Sagittarius-A had gone silent for reasons unknown. So Major Judith Saul was taking backup with her — an A.I. package implanted in her brain.

Kill Fee
Jonathan Lowe
Mark and Eddie had stumbled onto some hot news. A message from space had been received, warning of a cosmic event that might — maybe — drastically affect the whole world. They had only one question — how much would the powers that be pay to keep them quiet?

Vincent L. Scarsella
They were going to shut down the warehouse and thaw and cremate the cryogenically preserved bodies rescued from dozens of failed cold sleep businesses. To most of the attendants, that meant unemployment. Dave's objections to the shutdown were somewhat more personal…

Reflective Glass
Richard Tornello
Richard found that there was something very special about the glass he purchased from the shop around the corner from his laundromat. For one thing, the reflections didn't always match reality…

Gerry Sonnenschein
Mir Station Three had all the characteristics of a small town on Earth, including cliques and Coddled Cooks marketing parties. Neither was much fun if you were an outsider.

The Face Overhead
Mary Brunini McArdle
The Face appeared in the skies demanding obedience — and silence. Disobedience meant fiery death from above. But that didn't stop a few brave men and women from striving to save the world, no matter the cost.

The House
Neil J. Beynon
The house Stevie's parents had purchased was old, and far from Stevie's school and all his friends. But that wasn't what had him screaming in the night.

The Missing Bag
J. Alan Brown
Had the little aliens planted a bomb somewhere in the Houston International Air-and-Space Port? Morgan Jefferson couldn't ignore the possibility, not after the April Fools' Day disaster.

The Ouroboros
S. H. Hughes
What goes around, comes around. And Ouroboros agent Hayden Cross will do whatever it takes to make sure that it does.

The Redoubt
Gareth L. Powell
Scott and Anna were offered the chance to spend eternity exploring the farthest reaches of time and space. And it would cost them nothing — or everything that mattered.

The Sorcerer from Sand Creek
McCamy Taylor
After the War Between the States, the remnants of the North's most closely guarded secret weapon — the Secret Service Sorcery Society — had to make a few adjustments in their lives.

Three Oranges
Joel Doonan
The Red Moon Race pitted sand skiffs against each other on a gruelling trip across the desert for glory and for the Three Oranges trophy. The crew of the Wild Orchid hoped they had what it would take to win.

Vishnu's Beer Garden
McCamy Taylor
Danny Radusson thought his twin brother had all the luck in the family. Then Virgil, proprietor of Vishnu's Beer Garden, showed him a whole new way of seeing the world.

Voyages of the Earthship Horus: Gangsters
Michael Joseph
Plato Zhoth and the crew of the Horus just wanted to make a living. Unfortunately, the universe insisted on confronting them with things that needed fixing — BIG things.

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for November 2007

Congratulations to G. C. Dillon, winner of the November 2007 Forum Flash Fiction Challenge. Check out Mr. Megrim and five more snack-sized morsels of twisty goodness (after you read and comment on our other fine features, of course)… And check the Fun and Games folder of the Forum around November 11th for another impossible mission in the Flash zone!

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Poetry and Filk Music

Deadly Pursuit
Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Interdimensional Visitors
Richard H. Fay

The Lambton Worm
Richard H. Fay

The Dragon Scale
James Matthew Byers

Day In A Life
Richard Tornello

No Braner
Richard Tornello

Hunting For Elves
Stuart Sharp

Alicia's Diary
Jon Stocks

Christian Ward

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Articles and features

Digital Goldmine: Stargate SG-1
TaoPhoenix takes a look at the new DVD release of the complete Stargate SG-1 series.

Space Policy In The 21st Century: The New Commons vs. A Sky Full of Enrons
Daniel C. Smith
Daniel C. Smith examines the future of manned space travel.

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