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November 2022
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Issue 115, Volume 11 -- October 2007


The first inkling that something just wasn't right came when I woke up looking at the interior ceiling of an ambulance.

Reassuringly, I could hear my wife arguing with one of the medics. Good, she was all right. But what happened?

The last thing I remembered was turning on my left turn signal and stopping to allow three oncoming cars to proceed past me. Then, the inside of the ambulance. In between, nothing - total blankness.

We'd driven to the grocery store, loaded up the car, then driven back home, We'd stopped at the local convenience store at Diamond Hill on the way home. After that, it was about a mile to our turn-off. It was later explained to me that someone had come flying over the little hill that precedes our turn-off, never even slowing down before they plowed into our rear bumper. Our little Corolla was slammed forward - spinning around through several full circles and into the ditch - finally coming to a stop, totaled. My wife and I were slung up against our seat belts, and our groceries were thrown out through the shattered windshield to scatter themselves across the landscape. Some of the canned goods no doubt smacked us upside the head during their brief flight to freedom.

After several hours at the hospital it was determined that my wife Lindsey was suffering from loads of bruises all over her body and some strained muscles in her neck. I had been knocked out, scratched up by broken glass, and had somehow managed to break my left clavicle. My left arm is now in a sling and ace-bandaged into immobility. Lyn is having to use one of my walking sticks when she needs to get up out of her chair.

I may be out of work for several weeks, if not months.

2007 has been a lousy year for Lyn and I. Yet... We live, we will recover, and we'll come back fighting.

"I get knocked down / But I get up again / And they're never gonna keep me down..." Words to live by? OK, beats the heck out of all the alternatives.

Senior Editor, and one-handed-typist sans peer,

Serials and Novellas

Magic And The Heart
Part Three of Four
By McCamy Taylor
Magic is easy. The human heart is much more difficult to master. This is what Prince Marc of Suunland discovers when he enlists the aid of a powerful magician.who was once his mother.s lover--- to help him find his younger brother who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
(Read Part One and Part Two here.)

Listening To The Words
Part One of Two
By Joseph Jordan
Tony wants to get David to the space station for a life saving procedure. David wants to see outer space before he dies. A story about second chances and last wishes.

By Jesse Gordon
James has a gift for seeing the darkness beneath the surface. When an encounter with a secretive organization offers him a chance to put that gift to constructive use, he finds that there is a price to be paid for making the world a "perfect" place.

Voyage of the Centuri Dream
By Joe Vadalma
An alien signal is detected by an unmanned probe off Pluto. Twenty years later, the transmission is decoded and the Centuri Dream sets sail to respond to the SOS with a crew that is part human, part robot and part something in between.

Short Stories

By J. B. Hogan
In the middle of a nerve-wracking foot patrol through insurgent-occupied territory, Specialist Karl Wagner found himself transported to another war in another time...

Stainless Steel
By Robert Eggleton
Lacy Dawn was supposed to save the universe. Saving a friend from more mundane horrors wasn't nearly as simple.

A Wonderful Life
By Bob Sanhueza
A future fairy tale, familiar -- up to a point.

One Good Night Will Make Up For All The Rest
By Fel Kian
Most people only THINK they live next door to the neighbors from hell. Terence, however ...

Crash Diet
By E. S. Strout
By volunteering for a time travel experiment, Joe McFarland had earned his freedom. But the future wasn't nearly as much fun as he might have hoped.

Brown Rabbit
By M. B. Barlow
The crew of the Fleming Steel was being paid exceedingly well to deliver the little white crate and its contents. The card-carrying Galactic Insurrectionists had other ideas, however.

The Elfin Spires
By D. E. Munson
Aric had to see the magical Elfin Spires up close. But the price he had to pay was a bloody one.

A Return Trip
By Dale F. Willett
Charles Edwards wanted out of his dreary, frustrating life. His imagination let him escape his stalled career and irritating wife and children for a few minutes at a time, but he always had to come back -- didn't he?

The Mountain
By Meghashri Dalvi
The Mountain was a legend, the only thing in the world taller than two or three times the height of a man. Prama had dreamed of seeing it, touching it, ever since his grandfather had mentioned it in passing half a lifetime ago.

By Andy Echevarria
Dr. Steiner had told Billy that books could take him to whole new worlds. And he recommended one book in particular...

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for September 2007

Congratulations to Jaimie L. Elliott, winner of the September 2007 Challenge. Check out "Spawn of Osk" by Jaimie L. Elliott and four more snack-sized morsels of twisty goodness (after you read and comment on our other fine features, of course)... And check the Fun and Games folder of the Forum around October 12th for another impossible mission in the Flash zone!

Poetry and Filk Music

Magic Mirror
by Stuart Sharp

The Ryme Of Watered Canada.
by Richard Tornello

Sleeping Dragon.html
by James Matthew Byers

The Compliance Officer
by Daniel C. Smith

We Build Our Captors Here
by John Kuhn


Reader's Corner: "Fear Nothing" by Dean Koontz
Review by TaoPhoenix
TaoPhoenix gives a second look at this reissue edition of Koontz's tale

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