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February 2024
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Issue 106 Volume 10 November 2006


Archives Editorial Serials and Long Fiction Poetry and Filk Music Short Stories Features Series


Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serials and Novellas

Nightwatch: Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
Part One (of Three)

Bill Wolfe
The Nightwatch Institute may not be perfect, but they do try to keep an eye out for all manner of threats. By-and-large, they do a fair job of making sure that the world you know when you go to sleep is still there when you wake up. But if they're watching out for us, who's watching them?
A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

A Matter of Pride
Robert Moriyama
Al Majius is asked to investigate when the Alpha Male of a nation of lion people seems to have failed in one of his primary duties: passing his genes on to as many females as possible. It's a case where the scents make no sense to anyone, and Al and Githros must figure out who's lion to whom.

Guaranteed Analysis: An Eventuality Tale
Brad Andrews
Horatio-17 was a lush garden world, considered a prime candidate for terraforming. But first, the Infantry had to deal with the garden itself, which tended to tear intruders to pieces.

Handel's House of Horror
Craig Cornwell
Handel was a detective with an unusual clientele. The back door to his office led to anywhere and anywhen, and the people who came through it had special needs. Take Raven Van Helsing, for example, who wanted someone to help her to destroy a nest of vampires. All those hours of watching Britney: Vampire Hunter would not go to waste…

Philip Hamm
The Neuropolice had discovered that teacher Jason Runner had been tampering with the officially-sanctioned knowledge base that formed the only means of contact for most of the population. He had inserted interpretations of history contrary to government positions into the lessons streamed to his students. The truth would not set him free, however.

Meghashri Dalvi
Her experiments with the Time Machine had stranded her in the prehistoric past, among people she considered savages. But she found that everything she thought she knew about them was wrong, and began using her knowledge of medicine to aid the tribe that adopted her. There was a problem with this, of course. Every action that she took could be one that changed the future beyond recognition—couldn't it?

The Best Laid Plans
Natalie J E Potts
When their buddy invented a time machine small enough to hold in your hand, Brett and Cameron figured they had the means to commit the perfect crime. Of course, perfection is an elusive thing …

The Dying Days of Summer
Terry Gibbons
Life on Mars wasn't quite Hell, but it came close. Cut off from contact with Earth, the scattered settlements had become bitter rivals, with raids and outright fighting all too common. Then Alex Braxxian, his sister Anna, and the infamous Aaron Thorne stumbled on a wrecked —but maybe salvageable— ship.
(This story has previously appeared in Planet Magazine.)

The Tomato Revolution
Brian Lowis
In Jack's world, the King controlled everything, but the eating habits of his subjects most of all. For the upper classes, only chicken, cow, pig, lamb, and goat could be eaten. For the rest, only oats and wheat. Vegetables (and tomatoes) were forbidden…

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Poetry and Filk Music

Blue Rhapsody
Len Bourret

Dragon's Lady
Terri Wachowiak

Existence Enough
David Bernstein

Music of Truth
Gary William Crawford

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Articles and features

There were no new articles or features in this issue

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