Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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Welcome to the direct descendant of Dragon's Lair Webzine:

Issue #9!

Issue 9, Volume 1

Issue 10 will be online November 1st. (or thereabouts)

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Since January 27th 1997

Welcome back for our 9th issue! This one isn't really on time, but HOTMAIL.COM has been down for the last few days so I can't retrieve all of the stories submitted to that e-mail address. I'll post the rest of the stories as soon as possible. If you'd like to be on a mailing list for notification of the update or for the upload of new issues of Aphelion then click here to send me an e-mail. Be sure to put the words Aphelion Mailing List in the Subject line of the e-mail. This mailing list will only be used to notify you of new issues and will never be given out to anyone else... 'cause I hate spam as much as you do!

In this issue there are new writers, new chapters in our continued stories, new continued stories begun, updates on our reports, our letter column, and a new cartoon.

Please visit our letter column and drop us a note. Our writers like to read the Lettercol to look for words of encouragement. Not many of you readers have the time to send e-mail to the writers whose stories you especially enjoyed. Well, that's why our Assistant Editor worked up the Letter Column Page, so folks can let everyone know what kind of job they're doing. Its helped me to realize that I need to do a better job proofreading, something that I did this issue. I may not have caught every mistake, but I caught more of 'em!

I'd like to thank those of you who have sent e-mails for your feedback. Keep those e-mails coming, folks! Without those messages we will never know what we need to improve upon. Hope you like the improvements so far!

We had 634 Readers visit Aphelion in September! Thank you! Please keep coming back for each new issue as it goes online.

Also, there are links to back issues of Aphelion at the bottom of this page. You can still see everything that has appeared in the Zine so far.

I have an e-mail address for submissions, click here to submit a story or just read the submission guidlines.

Some folks have asked about submitting Poetry: While we do not publish poetry ourselves, there is someone for the poets to turn to- The Writer's Club, a poetry Webzine run by one of our friends from the DALnet IRC Chat network. Visit #the_WritersClub on DALnet and check out the Writer's Club Webpage if you are poetically inclined. I have been informed that our parent Webzine is back into production! Dragon's Lair Webzine is back! Way to go, Roger! I knew you couldn't stay away for very long. This link will take you to Dragon's Lair Webzine so you can check it out. Also, one of our writers: Chad Cottle has begun his own Webzine called Titan. This next link will take you to visit Chad Cottle's "Titan"These links are repeated at the bottom of this page for your added convenience

And now, I'll shut up and let you get to reading. Thanks again for visiting. Enjoy yourselves!

If you miss the wavefile that played automatically at the start of our previous issues click here to hear it now.

Aphelion Staff:

  • Senior Editor, Contributing Writer: Dan L. Hollifield
  • Editor Emeritus, Contributing Writer: Roger Bennett
  • Assistant Editor, Columnist: Robert Wynne
  • Babylon 5 Reporter: Denise Chochrek
  • SFTV Schedule Reporter: Lee Whiteside


Contributing Writer: Cris Lawrence Contributing Writer: D.K. Smith
Contributing Writer: Richie Adams Contributing Writer: A. Diallo Jackson
Contributing Writer: R.J. Steen Contributing Writer: Joe Gensweider
Contributing Writer: Svetlana Gelman Contributing Writer: Chad Cottle
Contributing Writer: Dennis Tallent Contributing Writer: Barbara Blann
Contributing Writer: Matt Barrentine Contributing Writer: Scott Reeves
Contributing Writer: Minoti Baro Contributing Writer: Vasilis Adams A.
Contributing Writer: Joe Brascher Contributing Writer: Neal Williams
Contributing Writer: Liz Bass Contributing Writer: W. Fraser Sandercombe

Serialized Stories

  • Dreamer Part 5
  • By Dan L. Hollifield *** Daydreams and Magic.
  • Time and Time Again Part 9
  • By Cris Lawrence *** Danger leads to strange meetings.
  • One God's Folly Part 4
  • By Richie Adams *** A Tale of an Ancient Warrior.
  • Time Matrix Part 2
  • By D.K. Smith *** People can get addicted to almost anything.
  • Trigeminus Part 2
  • By Dennis Talent *** Aliens among us, what are they really like?
  • Witness of the World Part 2
  • By Chad Cottle *** Memories of a telepathic child.
  • The Universe Between Part 2
  • By Scott Reeves *** Action and adventure when universes meet.
  • The Quality of Grace Part 2
  • By Vasilis Adams A. *** History as it might have been.
  • Ancient Rune Part 1
  • By Liz Bass *** Of Elves and Men.


  • Freefall
  • By A. Diallo Jackson ***How to screw up in one easy lesson.
  • The Reluctant Trio
  • By Joe Gensweider ***Accidental partners... for life!
  • Love Me to Death
  • By R.J. Steen ***Love or obsession? It's all in the point of view.
  • The Sinner
  • By Svetlana Gelman ***Murder most foul.
  • The Guardians of History
  • By Barbara Blann ***Predestination or free will... which would you rather have?
  • Rain
  • By Matt Barrentine ***Just a box of rain.
  • Draw if you Will
  • By Minoti Baro ***Some talents are too dangerous to use.
  • Crazy Legs
  • By Joe Brascher ***Where does a ship in Subspace actually go?
  • Killing Robinson
  • By Neal Williams ***The sequel to "Harold Clones It"
  • The Mist Leaves Scars
  • By W. Fraser Sandercombe ***Karma... Bad things happen to bad people.


  • A Word in Your Ear
  • By Robert Wynne ***Rob Wynne holds forth on....
    whatever comes to mind.
    ***Poking fun at Micro$oft!
    The new national pastime!
  • Starbase Update SFTV Schedules and News
  • Compiled by Lee Whiteside.
  • Babylon 5 report and Episode Listing
  • By Denise Chochrek.
  • Aphelion Letter Column
  • A place for your opinions.
  • Excentrivial Musings
  • The Aphelion Cartoon Page.
    Mare Inebrium Wallpaper Page 51 JPGs you can download and convert
    to Bitmaps for wallpaper.
    This is a slow-loading page,
    but well worth it.

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    Submissions Guidlines Page :Click here to see the Submissions Guidelines Page.

    copyright 1997 by Dan L. Hollifield

    Aphelion Explanations and Thanks Where the name "Aphelion" came from and other info.

    Back Issues:

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