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November 2023
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Issue 08 Volume 01 September 1997

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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual ravings about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Dreamer Part 4 (of 5)
Dan L. Hollifield
Daydreams and Magic

The Quality of Grace Part 1 (of 8)
Vasilis Adams A.
History as it might have been.

The Universe Between Part 1 (of 6)
Scott Reeves
Action and adventure when universes meet.

Time and Time Again Part 8 (of 18)
Cris Lawrence
Danger leads to strange meetings

Time Matrix Part 1 (of 8)
D.K. Smith
People can get addicted to almost anything.

Trigeminus Part 1 (of 11)
Dennis Talent
Aliens among us, what are they really like?

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Short Stories

The Broken Door
A. Diallo Jackson
Old Gods in the Modern Age.

Joe Gensweider
Freedom is the enemy of any King.

The Undying Man
R.J. Steen
Immortality is a curse when everything you value is gone.

Time for a Change
Brian Gallucci
Tinkering with time can be murder.

The Gift of Life
Allen Woods
Best to let sleeping dragons lie, even in the nuclear age.

Waiting in a Stony Place
W. Fraser Sandercombe
An undying love… reborn!

I Ain't Going Back to Mullberry Street
Larry W. Van Guilder
Time can be a weird toy, to those who fool around,

There are No Atheists in a Foxhole
Allen Muenzler
An irreverent look at modern icons.
(WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE. If strong language offends you, skip this story.)

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Articles and features

A Word in Your Ear
Robert Wynne
Rob Wynne holds forth on…whatever comes to mind.
Poking fun at Micro$oft! The new national pastime!

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