Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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Issue 170, Volume 17 — February 2013

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The Usual Rant from Aphelion's Senior Editor:

In which the Hardware Gods punish the Editor in Chief for being too, er, chiefly

Sorry, folks. Looks as if there won't be an editorial. My desktop monitor went dead on me and I can't finish or upload the editorial. I can't get to the file through the household LAN because the whole thing needs to be re-done. In trying to add a new computer to the LAN, I screwed up the settings. I can't see the files on the desktop computer to copy them to a USB stick, either. I'm on the Netbook to send this message, but there's no way I can afford a new monitor before the next Aphelion goes live.

So use this e-mail as my editorial so I'm not slowing us down. Murphy wins another hand, it seems.

With regrets,


Long Fiction

By Adam "Bucho" Rodenberger

A psychological horror piece about a man with amnesia who can’t form new memories. By day, his wife tries to help him get better, but each night he forgets all that he has learned the day before. Who is the mystery girl who visits him each night, and what is her role in his amnesia?

Short Stories

Grandpa's Tale
By Ben Revermann
The young man visited his grandfather for two reasons: first, because everybody else seemed to have forgotten the old man, now dying from colon cancer; and second, because the relative quiet and slow pace of the nursing home was a relief after the noise and chaos of the real world. Grandpa's revelation of a long-held secret was a bonus.

Zip Code 93949
By Richard Tornello
The unexpected guests arrived at Alex's little bed-and-breakfast in Woodstock, New York with a handsome orange cat and a flat-out gorgeous rebuilt Model A Ford truck. And the longer they stayed, the weirder they seemed.

Seventh Tower
By D. S. Tierney
Grint had robbed six of the Towers used as temples by the priests of the Papality. He was a natural choice to lead a team into a seventh Tower, in search of treasure. The niece and nephew of the man who had hired him, and a demon in a human shell, on the other hand, made no sense at all.

New Weapons
By Mike Wilson
Patrick's secret invention was a weapon that not only disintegrated its target, it scattered the atoms across time. Rob's project was just intended to prove a hypothesis. The fact that it displaced its target a huge distance in no time at all was just a side effect. What were the two of them doing in the same small town? And why did their paths keep crossing?

Here Be Dragon
By Dave Weaver
Prince Cedric and his crew came to Honalee to deal with the dragon that was terrorizing the people. He had his doubts about how truly dangerous the beast was, but he had to carry out his duty as his father's representative.

Poetry and Filk Music

Alien Dandruff
by Robin B. Lipinski

The Coming of Man
by John Grey

by Clinton Van Inman

gynoide fatale
by J. Davidson Hero

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing
by Benjamin Blake

Madrid Falls Again
by Richard Tornello

The Midsummer Night Scream
by Jonas Birge

Second Contact
by Thomas Reynolds


Thoughts on Writing #44: You Brilliant Hack, You
By Seanan McGuire
In an ongoing series, Seanan McGuire takes apart the engine of writing to find out how it works, and offers her insights into how to put it back together again. In this entry, she reminds us that a working writer must find the balance between "artist" (whose work never sells) and "hack" (whose work sells, but who may be embarrassed to admit ownership).

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