Aphelion Issue 268, Volume 25
December 2021
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by Michael Dority

We all know what guilt is. It sucks the life out of us and leaves nothing but an empty husk.

We can say we caused it, but aren't guilty of anything. Yet if the outcome is negative, wasn't the act also questionable?

Some still say no. Since you can't really know beforehand how things will turn out. But does that matter to anyone but you?

No. We all do it, but you're just morphing from guilt to regret.

The injury, betrayal and humiliation are still very real to those we've screwed. We inflict the pain, and they suffer.

How's that for a sharp slide down the razor blade of life?

©2021 Michael Dority

Michael Dority has recently had the following stories accepted for publication:

  • “Heaven’s Black Top Hat,” Schlock, March 2021
  • "World of Sensations,” Black Petals, October 2021
  • "Peril of the Lamperosa, Parts 1 and 2,” Schlock October/November 2021

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