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Babylon 5 Station News - April 1997

by Denise Chochrek

Welcome to the ongoing gathering of Babylon 5 fans on the Aphelion. In the months ahead I hope to expand this area, but I will need your help. Let me know what you like or dislike, what is missing, and what you always wanted to know. Together I'm sure we will make this a great place to visit.
-- Denise

The Lurker's Guide has moved! Make sure and change your bookmarks.

New address:



The following schedule is based on the Lurker's Guide. Please check your local listings, as various areas enjoy not being consistent.

Nothing but reruns (sigh)

  • 3/3/97 - 4/14/97 We are looking at reruns
  • 04/21/97 Racing Mars
  • Franklin and Marcus go undercover to Mars
  • 04/28/97 Lines of Communications
  • Mars mission continues
  • 05/05/97 Conflicts of Interests
  • Focus is on Garibaldi
  • 05/12/97 Rumors, Bargains and Lies
  • Bester returns
    • 05/19/97 Moments of Transition
    • 05/26/97 No Surrender, No Retreat
    • 06/02/97 The Exercise of Vital Powers
    • 06/09/97 The Face of the Enemy
    • 06/16/97 Intersections in Real Time
    • ??/??/97 Between the Darkness and the Light

    SPIN-OFFS SET FOR 1998-1999

    • Babylon 5: In the Beginning - covers the Earth-Minbari War
    • Thirdspace
    • The Babylon Project: Crusade - kicks off the spin-off (hopefully)

    Heard on the Net

    The TNT Deal according to the news:

    TNT will be airing the two hour movie, Babylon 5: In the Beginning in January 1998. It will then start showing the series starting with Season 1 and going through to whatever the end might be. Still no word as to whether there will be a 5th season. If there is, TNT's showing will be running concurrently with season 5.

    If you want to send an email to one of the actors, you can now do so at the Babylon 5 Fan Club site. Just email the "character's name"@ the station.com

    Look for the novel, The Shadow Within, by Jeanne Cavelos. It is sold by Dell for $5.50. It follows Anna Sheridan's progression to Z'ha'dum and John's new command of the Agamemnon. It has received praise on the Net.

    Look for more merchandise to be available in the US. Dell is doing the books, The Hamilton Collectors plates are coming out soon. There will be at least a Sheridan and a Delenn plates.

    Antioch Publishing is coming out with bookmarks, bookplates, magnets and journals.

    More cards are coming out from Fleer.

    Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment is producing a B5 role-playing game.

    Here are some URLs when searching for merchandise

    • http://ww.bab.com/pegasus/b5merch.html Pegasus Publishing
    • http://www.viamall.com/moviemadness/babylon5.html Movie Madness
    • http://www.halcyon.com/uncomyn/b5.html#b5 Uncomyn Gifts


    • I-CON
    • April 4-6
    • Guests include: JMS, Michael O'Hare
    • info: http://www.iconsf.org

    • VULKON
    • April 11-13 @ Atlanta, GA (Howard Johnsons, Castlegate)
    • Guests include: Pat Tallman
    • info: Joe Motes at JoeMotes@aol.com

    • StarFest
    • April 11-13 @ Denver, CO (Holiday Inn)
    • Guests include: Jeff Conaway
    • info: Starland 888-STARLAND or email starland@starland.com

    • Creation Con
    • April 19-20 @ Dearborn, MI
    • Guests include: Jason Carter
    • info: Creation at (818) 409-0960

    • Tra La La Con
    • April 26-27 @ Los Angeles CA
    • Guests include: JMS
    • info: LASFS Clubhouse, (818) 760-9234

    • MarCon 32
    • May 9-11 @ Columbus, OH
    • Guests include: JMS
    • info: email: info@marcon.org

    • Sci-Fi Cruise
    • May 13-23 @ leaving Tampa Bay, FL
    • Guests include: Mira Furlan
    • info: http://www.eject.com/startrek/stce

    • ThunderCon 7
    • May 30-31, June 1@ Oklahoma City, OK
    • Guests include: Richard Biggs
    • info: Michael Moery (405) 692-7035
    • http://ThunderCon.okc.ok.us

    • Dragon*Con
    • June 26-29 @ Atlanta, GA
    • Guests include: George Johnsen (who is bringing bloopers), Peter David
    • info: Dirk Loedding (770) 623-6321
    • http://www.dragoncon.org

    • Toronto Trek XI
    • July 18-20 @ Toronto, CAN
    • Guests include: Claudia Christian
    • info: http://www.interlog.com/~kcozens/ttrek

    • Stellar Summer Media & Comics Expo
    • August 1-3 @ Harvey Hotel-Addison (Dallas, TX suburb)
    • Guests: Mira Furlan, Peter David (screenwriter)
    • info: http://www.cyberramp.net/~phoenix

    • Starquest '97
    • August 28 - Sept. 1 @ San Jose, CA (San Jose Red Lion Hotel)
    • Guest include: Still working on this one, hoping to have some B5 people.
    • info: http://www.starquest.org/

    • Rising Star
    • October 10-12 @ Glenvar High School, just outside of Roanoke, VA
    • Guests include Rick Biggs, and maybe Pat Tallman
    If you hear of ones I've missed, let me know and I'll throw them in.

    Fan Clubs

    I've been running into fan clubs, so I thougt I would post them. If you have others you would like to post, let me know at dcsnowball@earthlink.net.

    • The Mira Furlan Fan Club
    • http://www.geocities.com/~mira_furlan/

    • The Jeff Conaway Fan Club
    • 8330 Silvan Wind Lane
    • Houston, TX 77040-1412
    • CeSpaceMuz@aol.com

    • DC B5 Fan Club
    • contact: Tammy Metz http:www/tjhsst.edu/!tmetz/dcb5/dcb5fc.html

    • USS Arcturus
    • contact: Myron Rumsey email: arcturus@servtech.com

    • Maryland Group (meet in the northern Silver Spring/Gurtonsville area)
    • contact: Laura Appelbaum @ maybe@connext.net

    • German Babylon 5 Fanclub
    • Daniela Ricci
    • Mindenerstr.7
    • 40227 Dusseldorf
    • Germany
    • email: wizart@NetCologne.de

    Web Sites

    • http://www.babylon5.com
    • http://www.hyperion.com/lurk/
    • http://www.nauticom.net/www/babylon/
    • http://www.thestation.com/
    • http://www.drn.zippo.com/
    • http://tarski.phil.indiana.edu/~fiona/babylon5/KOSH/page.html
    • http://www.highfiber.com/~katana/
    • http://www.math.washington.edu/~lking/b-five.html


    • alt.tv.babylon-5
    • rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated
    • alt.babylon5.uk

    I know there are a lot of other groups out there. E-mail the names to me and I'll add them to the list.

    Please e-mail updates and information to Denise Chochrek (dcsnowball@earthlink.net)

    Babylon 5 Station News is an original production of Denise Chochrek and the Aphelion. All Rights reserved. This document may be reproduced wherever there is an interest provided proper acknowledgement of the Author and Publication is made.
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