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Babylon 5 Station News - December 1996

by Denise Chochrek

Welcome to the ongoing gathering of Babylon 5 fans on the Aphelion. In the months ahead I hope to expand this area, but I will need your help. Let me know what you like or dislike, what is missing, and what you always wanted to know. Together I'm sure we will make this a great place to visit.
-- Denise


The following schedule is based on the Lurker's Guide. Please check your local listings, as various areas enjoy not being consistent.

Season Four
11/25/96 Falling Toward Apotheosis
Sheridan has Kosh removed from the station and the Vorlons step their war with the shadows.

Until January we are looking at a series of reruns:
12/02/96 Walkabout
12/09/96 And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
12/16/96 Shadow Dancing
12/23/96 Z'ha'dum
12/30/96 The Hour of the Wolf
01/06/97 Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
01/13/97 The Summoning
01/20/97 Falling Toward Apotheosis

Season four resumes
01/27/97 The Long Night

The new season opening title is great. In case you are still unsure who is speaking......
Lennier: It was the year of fire
Zack: The year of destruction
G'Kar: The year we took back what was ours
Lyta: It was the year of rebirth
Vir: The year of great sadness
Marcus: The year of pain
Delenn: And the year of joy
Londo: It was a new age
Franklin: It was the end of history
Ivanova: It was the year everything changed
Garibaldi: The year is 2261
Sheridan: The place, Babylon 5

Heard on the Net

According to the press release from Netter Digital Entertainment, the tentative title of the Babylon 5 spinoff series is Babylon 5: Crusaders. The new series will focus on the Rangers. Of course, there is no guarantee the series will be made at all, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

If you haven't heard yet, there is a letter writing campaign underway to support Babylon 5. Everyone is asked to write your local TV station is support of the show. If you need a contact try http://www.babylon5.com (the Official site) for an address.

If you are collecting the Babylon 5 trading cards, the second set is out from Fleer.

Slow Dazzle is producing a Babylon 5 calendar in the UK. It can be purchased from the Official Babylon 5 web site.

As always, if you hear anything, please let me know.


Visions '96
November 28-December 1 @ Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
Guests include: Claudia Christian
Further info: Her Majesty's entertainment, PO Box 1202, Highland Park, IL 60035, (847)405-9461

Starcon '96
December 7-8 @ Atlantic Community College, Mays Landing, NJ
Guests include: Bruce Boxleitner

Gallifrey '97
February 14-16 @ Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA
Guests include: JMS

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I know there are a lot of other groups out there. E-mail the names to me and I'll add them to the list.

Please e-mail updates and information to Denise Chochrek (dcsnowball@earthlink.net)

Babylon 5 Station News is an original production of Denise Chochrek and the Aphelion. All Rights reserved. This document may be reproduced wherever there is an interest provided proper acknowledgement of the Author and Publication is made.
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