Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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A little something for your viewing pleasure.

Some of my graphics work will be available on a rotating basis.

This is a slow page to load because of the thumbnails for each image, please be patient. Thanks muchly!

I can't put it all on the server so I'll change them every so often. They are all in JPG format to speed transmission. If something disappears that you wanted or if you need a bitmap of an image for your wallpaper, e-mail me at vila@aphelion-webzine.com. I can locate or convert the image and e-mail it back. ASAP.

Copyright Disclaimer!

All scanned spaceships are copyrighted by their individual shows, networks, or creators. All astronomical photography is copyrighted by NASA and the various image archives that anyone can download from, located on the WWW. All astronomical bodies, stars, planets, galaxies, and constellations copyrighted by God. No infringement of anyone's copyright is intended, remember, I do these pictures for fun and because I am a fan of the shows\movies\books. I don't charge money, these are free to you the visitor for your own personal use. If you pass them out among your friends, remember to give me credit only for assembling the images and give copyright credit to those to whom it is really due.

Some Icons

An Alien Motorcycle A view of Earth A Spiral Galaxy

A 2nd Spiral Galaxy My Blake's 7 icon Lost in Space icon 1 Lost in Space icon 2 Lost in Space icon 3

The Full Sized Images

These images are all 640x480 pixels with small spaceships , planets, and other items of astronomical interest. They begin simply, but gradually add more and more pasted images per wallpaper. To convert these JPEGs into Bitmaps that Windows can use for wallpaper, I recommend L-View Pro as a good image manipulating graphics program. LView Pro Home Page is the link. They have a new version out and I will be buying a copy of it soon. I have used the free trial versions of L-View in the past, and have found it to be an excellent program for changing image formats without loss of detail.

These images were all pasted together VIA a copy of Micrografx Picture Publisher LE that came with my Mustek scanner. Its a good general scanning, image viewing, paintbox, image manipulation sort of graphics program, but it isn't without it's faults. I can only scan 4, perhaps 5 images in any one session before the computer locks up and has to be rebooted. It also refuses to recognise the existance of my printer- no matter what settings are entered into its preferences. On the few occasions that it has been tricked into printing, it produces only a thumbnail of the real image. Annoying, yes- very! But good at what it does do. I hope to find that the newest version of L-View will enable me to retire Micrografx to only scanner duty. From the previews I saw on L-View's new homepage, this already versatile program has been considerably upgraded. I can't say more yet, but rest assured that I will update this page when I've used the new version for a while.
Nursery of Stars Liberator at Horsehead
Enterprise at Horsehead Falcon Running Away
Nexus Meeting Frontiers
Mars Wheel Riding Shotgun
Black Hole Sun TARDIS in Orbit
Hazard Pay TARDIS at Horsehead
Unexpected Company Expedition J
Crusin' UFO's and SID
Docked At the Mall
Other Worlds, Other Suns NASA at Neptune
Saturn Rising Fireball XL-5 at Saturn
Falcon in Orbit Comet Powered!
Room with a View #1 Main Screen, Please
Scorpio #1 Relics
Final Approach Busy Day
Who Sky (or TARDIS at rest) Ship View
Starbase Tardis at M31 (1)
Tardis at M31 (2) Enterprise-D Flyby
Voyager and Solar Prominence Voyager Visits Stonehenge
X-33 in Orbit Pan-Am Clipper at Jupiter
Lost in M16 Egg Ambulance!
Red Cloud Seekers
Another One Rides the Bus Cluster City
Beyond: Space 1999 Exploring New Worlds
Enterprise-D and an Emissary from the Dyson Sphere A New Home?
Babylon 5

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