Aphelion Issue 294, Volume 28
May 2024
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To qualify as Long Fiction, your piece must be above 7500 words.

Please send your submission as an attachment in Rich Text Format (.rtf), MS Word Document (.doc), or Open Document Text (.odt).

Please do NOT use the MS Word .docx format. It doesn't play well with my equipment.

Put your email address at the top of the first page, followed by the story title and author's name, all separated by at least one line. Use normal capitalization for these; no all-caps, please.

Paragraphs may be indented without extra space between, or flush and separated by a blank line. Single-spacing is fine. Use whatever typeface you like, but set the font size at 12 points.

Special formatting (italics, bold, etc.) should be encoded within the text document.

Please include a short bio as part of the manuscript after the end of the story. If you've submitted before and your bio hasn't changed, please include it anyway so I won't have to look up the old one.

Send your submission to:


I will reply upon receipt of your submission, and your story will go into the queue. Stories are published in order received, though I may make an exception for seasonally-themed work if you send it a couple months early and tell me in your submission cover letter.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to pull your story for any reason, PLEASE tell me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

When I'm ready to begin editing your story I'll send you an email to that effect. This email will also include information of what to expect next.

The style guide I use is the National Geographic Style Manual, found here:


Thank you.