By Melissa A. White

Sharp blue eyes shifted to and from all parts of the room, searching for a way out of the small space.

So far nothing had availed itself. All four walls were exactly the same, except that one had a small bed and cleansing station. The decorating abilities of this species left much to be desired. White everything did not do a thing for her accommodations. "No wonder they haven't achieved interstellar flight yet," she mumbled to the white walls.

Her eyes quickly shifted right when she heard the all too familiar sound of the locking mechanism being released. She glared over her knees at the men who were wearing white. For a race that claimed to be superior, they sure did not know a thing about colors.

"Hello," one of men greeted. She did not reply, she never did. "This is Dr. Henderson. We just came to check on you," the gray haired man said. She had not bothered to remember something as inconsequential as his name. She did not budge as they came near her, only glared at them with two blue eyes.

The gray haired man flipped through some kind of folder system and pointed something out to the younger man. "All we have is her name, Reyna. Someone just found her wandering around Front Street."

"Any family?" the younger man inquired, glancing from the folder to her. "None that we have been able to find. She had no identification on her whatsoever. We had to pry a name out of her. She doesn't talk. Just sits there, glaring at everyone and everything with those unnatural blue eyes," the gray haired man said, shaking his head.


"Hard to determine. We've put delusional. She believes that she comes from another world and is a scout on a space pirate ship."

The younger man glanced at her sadly. "How are you feeling today, Reyna?" He asked. She continued to glare at him. Their language was just as boring as their lack of color and she wanted to utilize it as little as possible. "Where are you from?" he inquired in a softer voice.

Ah! This she would answer. They usually left her alone when she answered. "The pirate ship Firerunner," she answered in their unpalatable language.

"Any family?" the younger man continued.

"The population of the ship is my family," she answered plainly.

"Do you know where you are?"

That was a stupid question, she thought. How could anyone be somewhere and not know where they are. "Third planet away from the star Dagon 3," she replied.

"Why are you here?"

Reyna was annoyed. Most of these humans usually left after hearing about the ship. Why was this one continuing? With his yellow hair and light blue eyes, he looked closer to her kind than other member of this species she had encountered. "I was scouting this area for a new trading sector. And I have decided that this place is not worth the trouble," she replied, looking at him strait in the eyes. He returned her stare until the gray hared man made a croaking noise. The younger man rose and walked back to the gray haired man.

"The accent is strange," he told the gray haired man. " I can't exactly place it but it resembles Irish."

"No one has been able to find anything out about her. I Think that this is one lost young woman who has seen to many reruns of Star Trek," The gray haired man said as he shut the folder.

"What treatment is she receiving?"

"None so far. We have been counseling with her but she won't budge from that position. Come Henderson, we've other patients to see."

With one final glance in her direction, the younger man followed the gray haired man out. Reyna glared at them until she heard the locking mechanism slip back. No wonder the walls and everything else was white, the older people would not let the younger ones think for themselves. They proclaimed to the younger ones what the answer was and dared anyone to defy them. She had seen enough body language throughout her scouting expeditions to read the situation. The younger man wanted to say something but would not in front of the gray haired man. Reyna resumed her scrutinizing of walls which would probably remain white forever.

The door opened and a female, yet again wearing white, waddled in carrying something that passed for nourishment on the planet. "Here you are, lovey," she cooed, placing the tray in front of her. Reyna did not even look at it. It was as bland as the walls. The woman stooped down in front of her. "You must eat," she said, reaching a hand towards her long blonde hair. Reyna flinched. She had had enough of this species poking at her. The woman stood up and left her to her walls.

During the next few hours no one else disturbed her and sometime during those next few hours everything lost form and soon she could see nothing.

She awoke to the awareness that someone was poking her. When her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized that the person was not wearing white but purple. "About time you awoke," a voice spoke in her own language.

"About time you got here, " she replied, only too happy to be speaking her own tongue again.

"We had a hard time locating you," he said helping her up. It felt good to be standing. She had been sitting in the same position for many days and her muscles were screaming.

"They took everything I had, Kallan!"

"I, ah, noticed," Kallan said with a lopsided grin as he looked over her. She could not wait to be in regular clothes again. They had taken everything she had when they had captured her and put a white gown on her.

"Kallan, keep your eyes in your head, and just get me out of here, " she said annoyed, pushing him out of the way and pulling her hair out of her face.

"Did you find anything?" he inquired, returning to his usually business demeanor.

"There's nothing here. nothing worth trading...or pillaging for that matter."

"Nothing at all?"

"Only if you like plain , boring, and unimaginative."

Kallan sighed brushing back his own long blonde hair. "Disappointing. This place had such potential."

"Well maybe when they open their minds a bit and accept that there is more than their own world," she said with an indifferent shrug. "Can we please go now?"

"Any time you're ready!" Kallan replied with a broad smile.

A doctor passing by the door to the room of the girl known only as Reyna made a note to mark her chart "schizophrenic" when he had the chance.

Copyright 1997 by Melissa A. White

Melissa, or Meliphyre as she is known on DALnet's #drwhochat channel, is a new writer that we hope to be able to feature more stories from in the future. She grew up in Memphis Tennessee, is only marginally interested in Elvis, has never been to Graceland, and is presently a student at Union University in Jackson. Her interests include Dr Who, Dragonriders of Pern, music, and anything in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.

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